to the site dedicated to Paul Harman's DCC DIY function only decoder.

The site holds the software, diagrams and photos required to make up decoders for yourself. I have lots working now and they work really well. You can expect new software as time goes by as well as any other developments Paul lets me know about.

Finished Decoder by John.

Have built your decoders (both 3 and 8 output versions ) and they are little marvels. The chips programmed perfectly and they all operate as per specs. David Terry, Sydney.

My name is Jeff Monegal and I wish to congratulate you on your efforts in producing these 2 decoders. I work as an electronics design engineer and for about 2 years now I have been going to do exactly what you have done. Queensland.


Motor Decoder Kits are now in stock.

A CDU kit is now available at a very competitive price.

The pulse accessory decoder firmware is under test.

Firmware is now available that allows the decoder to be used as an accessory decoder and secondly a motor drive version for loco control.

A pulse version of the accessory decoder is in development.

Paul has set up a Forum for DCC DIY, please try the links on the menus.

Site updated 4th December 2012.